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We, at the Grammar Goblin, are passionate about writing.  Writing encompasses all we are good at and strive for and this includes elements of writing, like reading, spelling, grammar, tone, speaking and so much more.  That is why we offer not only impeccable writing services, but also top-notch editing and proof reading services too.

Our team consists of dedicated, educated and inspired individuals who are creative and pedantic about our work.  We strive to offer the best possible service to every single client, every single time, and in so doing, add a little magic to every single piece that we work on.

Founded in 2017 as a passion project by Kelly Naude, the Grammar Goblin grew quickly from an editing job here and there, to large scale editing work, content creation, SEO friendly work, CV and cover letter creation and writing pieces.  The team has helped several students with university and school assignments and we take pride in watching our clients reach their full potential and soar to great heights with our careful and specialised help.

Goblin Services


Our writing skills are vast and we are able to write in a huge array of tones and styles.  Contact us and let us know what you need and we will ensure you receive the best possible outcome for your project.


We offer full editing.  You can choose between 2 options within this service:

♦  We make the changes and provide you with the finished product

♦  We make the changes and use the “Track Changes” function in Word.  You can then go through the changes that have been made and accept or decline each one.


When we proofread your piece, we will look only for glaring mistakes.  These will include mostly grammar, typos and spelling.

Social Media Management

We love managing social media accounts and specialise in Facebook.  We post regular updates, events, competitions and articles according to your specifications.  We have a few packages to choose from, so that you can manage your budget.  Contact us today to set up your account and let’s get posting!

Contact us for a list of our packages and a quote on the cost!!

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