3 ways to improve your social media planning

I know. Posting on social media can sometimes be a joy and often be a burden. But there are some helpful ways you can plan ahead to avoid slacking and losing out on those valuable days of marketing.

Here are our 3 top ways you can improve your social media planning:

  1. Use the calendar. Look at the month ahead and make use of holidays, special events, anniversaries and celebration days to guide your content planning. National doughnut day? Veterans Day? The anniversary of the business getting its first client? All of these are opportunities for posts.
  2. Make use of a scheduling tool. I personally enjoy the one provided by Facebook and Instagram, but there are so many. Check out Loomly, Monday.com, and more, to see which suits you best. They all have a calendar feature, so you can see, and plan what to post when.
  3. Bow to peer pressure. It’s not the kind of advice I would normally give, but sometimes it’s ok to cave to what the masses are doing. See what is trending and how others are creating their posts and do the same for a few posts. Keep your own brand integrity at all times, but it can also be fun and get you noticed more if you show people what they are enjoying at the time.

And there you have it. Happy planning and remember to have FUN!

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