Be Childish


Yes, you read that correctly! Be childish if you want to succeed!

Now, I’m not talking about throwing tantrums and crying… I’m talking about the happy parts of childhood.

Do you remember when you would play for hours, with no idea of the time? Do you remember creating forts, mud-pies, toys from sticks and whole words inside your head, with no feelings of self-consciousness or judgement? Do remember feeling so deeply that your heart wanted to, explode?

All of those feelings, experiences and ways of living can be AMAZING for you, in your life, your writing, your marketing and in your business!!

Throw caution to the wind sometimes, and PLAY with your ideas! Spend hours indulging your whims and remember your passions… your reason for being in this business in the first place! Use words, and punctuation that make you happy and, for goodness sake… have FUN!

As one of my favorite childhood movies was the Addams Family, I’ll leave you with an awesome quote by Morticia: “Wednesday, play with your food!”

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