Finding Motivation

There are times when the inspiration just doesn’t flow.

It’s the start of Winter here, in the Southern Hemisphere, and the cold is so intense at the moment. Honestly, I feel like most of my energy is going into staying warm.

So where does motivation for my work come in?

In an attempt to help myself, I have come up with a few ideas for getting that motivation flowing again. I think they are quite exciting, so I’m sharing them with you. Let me know if any work for you, ok?

  1. Down-size your goals. This may sound counter-productive, but suggests letting go of the many goals that we seem to accumulate and try to work on. Focus on just one for a while. It may be that your motivation was low because you had too much on your plate.
  2. Copy and paste. You need to get excited about your one goal, and that can be pretty hard when your motivation is low. So, the trick here is to Google others who are working on a similar or the same goal. Read, watch videos and chat with like-minded achievers and soon their inspiration and excitement will be copied and pasted onto you.
  3. Give it attention. If you have your goal in mind, write it down, commit to it publicly and set a start date. Then spend time thinking about it and working on it. If you do just one small thing each day, to help you move towards your goal, your excitement will grow, and you will get into the swing of things without even trying.
  4. Start small and grow. In times of low motivation, don’t make lofty promises. Know your end goal and then set really small steps to achieve along the way. Increase the steps each week or when you feel you can. Your goal is getting nearer with each little achievement!

There’s so much info about finding motivation that I’m sure you will have a great time doing some research for yourself. But I hope this has helped. Stay strong and may you have a MOTIVATED week!

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