For the Love of Books

Lately, I’ve had a lot more opportunity to read. Not Facebook posts, not the words on reels that people flick away, not those news snippets Google shows… actual, real, physical books.

And you know what? I’ve been experiencing a few changes in my life!

Firstly, my dreams have been insane. Not only can I remember them, pretty much every night, but they are vivid, bright, detailed and realistic. They are adorned with language, sound, colour and storylines. They are sometimes a little scary or sad, but they are always, without fail, INTERESTING.

Secondly, my everyday life, the usual routines, common ebbs and flows, normally mundane experiences… they have become a little… adventurous! I know how that must sound, but when you are living with the words of a narrator echoing in your mind, things do sound more exciting! So, instead of me just putting on some socks, imagine:
Calloused, shaking hands delicately slipped the life-saving wool over feet cramped with bitter cold. One, after the other, the feet, that had walked more miles than she could count, began to relax in the assurance that she was now safe. No longer would she be plagued by the relentless hounding of ice and wind that had, so nearly, taken her life.
Cool, huh? Hahahaha!

Maybe I am going mad, but having a book-style vision of the day does make it more fun.

Third up is the fact that I suddenly have so many more ideas for posts and articles! I guess that by reading, my writing muscle is being exercised, as I imagine all the possibilities of subjects for me to write about, and the styles that I could use.

Fourth is the joyous fact that I find myself reaching for my phone less and less. Working in social media, I have become pretty addicted to those notifications, even on my personal accounts. (Damn those little buzzes!) But, since re-immersing myself in the literary world, I have been reminded of a much richer, more edifying experience altogether. Obviously, I still spend time on social media, but it seems to be for shorter periods, and more focused.

The last change I’ll mention in this article, is that my concentration span has definitely lengthened. It’s a pretty well-known fact that our attention spans have diminished over the last few years, and this has affected pretty much all printed and digital publications. But maybe it doesn’t have to be this way. Maybe if we just read… an actual book… from time to time, and allow ourselves to be engulfed, then maybe we can hold on to this part of our reading and viewing experience.

We have to read. It’s necessary in the society we live in. But, to be able to enjoy all the benefits of reading, we need to be able to read long texts. Since I am a lover of words, this is something that brings me joy, but it can bring you, and your children, and their children joy too, if you let it. Find a book that you like, in a style that you enjoy and read. Not because it’s homework, but because it’s fun! Let’s see how many of my life-changing experiences you can have too!!

Do you have a favorite book or author? PLEASE tell us in the comments so we can all share the joy!

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Kelly Naude

For the Love of Books

Lately, I’ve had a lot more opportunity to read. Not Facebook posts, not the words on reels that people flick away, not those news snippets

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