Inside scoop on what goes into social media posts!! (Ssshhh!)

When you see a social media post from a business, you probably don’t think much further than whether or not you are interested. But today we are giving you a tiny sneak peek into the complexity of a social media post!




Here we go!!! 4 things that go into making a good social media post:

  1. Interest. A good marketer has a deep understanding of what YOU want to see!
  2. Eye-catching. The best posts tend to have eye-catching images or videos. Marketers make use of specific colours to make you feel a certain way, and use images that pop or have a different perspective. All these elements are designed to pull you closer and engage!
  3. Entertaining. No one wants to be bombarded with ads, 24/7! That’s why marketers and businesses reach out and give you entertaining content too. It helps us make connections and have fun with you, while reminding you of the brand.
  4. Guide to sale. Even if a post isn’t a direct advert, every post is created and published with the intention of getting you to support the brand. It may be a long game, or a short one, but in the end, the idea is to get you to purchase the goods or services on offer.

And there you have it! Have any more secrets you would like to share?
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