Product Review: MOKATE Candy Shop Instant Cappuccino

What it is:  A box of 10 sachets of instant cappuccino.

Use: For home use.

Effectiveness:  4/5

We like: The packaging, branding, taste, creaminess, smell

We don’t like: The fact that you don’t have an option to tear the sachet open.  It was a little too sweet for our taster-goblin’s taste.

Summary:  MOKATE Candy Shop Cappuccino is a delicious and decadent drink that we would recommend.  It is fairly priced and has a range of flavours to choose from.  It makes a good and solid froth and leaves a wonderfully sweet aftertaste.

Overall  Grammar Goblin Award:  


I came across MOKATE instant cappuccino while doing grocery shopping at Pic n Pay and decided to give them a try.  My main deciding factors in buying this box were the price (lower than the others on the shelf), I hadn’t seen it before, and the coffee is in sachets.  So many of the other brands are now putting all the powder loose in the box which doesn’t appeal to me, as I want to know I’m getting the correct amount as I make my cappuccino at home.

The branding is cute, with coffee and sweets on the box, as well as a decadent looking cappuccino, coffee beans and cream.  The colours instantly make you think of boiled sweets and this serves as a prophesy of what’s to come when you drink the coffee inside.

One thing that didn’t sit well with me was the fact that the sachets can’t be torn open.  You have to use scissors.  Luckily for me I always have a pair nearby, but I think that for some this could be an irritation.

Making the cappuccino was smooth sailing and it made a big and strong froth that lasted the whole cup through, even after I added milk!  (You don’t need to add milk, I just like to.)

The smell test was a trip to heaven!  Smelling that sweet flavouring mixed with the bitterness and strength of the coffee got my mouth watering and I couldn’t wait to take the first sip.

The taste test proved delightful.  Although it was a bit sweet for my personal taste, MOKATE can’t be blamed, as I did choose the ‘sweet and creamy’ option of the product.  I do like a bitter coffee, but I could not put this cappuccino down as I drank more and more and left nothing but a few dregs of the foam behind.

What did I do with the post-coffee energy burst?  I did a happy dance as I contemplated the rating for this coffee and gave it a….

THREE OUT OF FIVE Grammar Goblin Gems!!!

The only things I didn’t like were the lack of tearing option on the sachet, and the overly sweet taste.

Other than that, I enjoyed this product and would recommend it to any instant coffee lovers doing their groceries in the near future.

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