Product Review: to the Moon and Back notebooks

Product Review:  to the Moon and Back Paper Studio notebooks

What it is:  A set of 2 soft cover notebooks

Use:  Note taking, recipe writing, ideas, poetry, etc.

Effectiveness:  3/5

We like:  The texture of the cover, the designs, the quality of the paper

We don’t like:  The fact that the notebook doesn’t stay open without being held

Summary:  The Moon and Back Paper Studio notebook is a sweet and quirky design and affordable enough to enjoy relatively guilt-free.  For the serious note-taker, the lack of lines may pose a problem, however for the more creative user it will be an enjoyable and quality experience on good paper.

Overall  Grammar Goblin Award:  4/5 Grammar Goblin Gems!!!!


The notebooks were given to me as a gift by a dear friend.  We had planned to meet up over December but for various reasons, couldn’t, so she couriered this gift to me, Postnet to Postnet.

I rushed over to collect it as soon as the notification came through, and then promptly decided to keep it for Christmas.  And there it sat…. Still in it’s courier packaging, under the Christmas tree, taunting me and waiting for me to unwrap it.

When Christmas finally arrived, I ripped it open to find these two lovely and quirky books.  What a thoughtful gift from one writer to another!  I took it out of it’s transparent packaging and did what any self-respecting book lover does… SNIFFED!  Sniff test… PASSED!  Both books smelled pleasingly paper-like.  The next step was the feel test.  The pages feel satisfyingly smooth and thick.  Good quality.  The covers are slightly varnished and have a waxy feel, which adds to the feeling of quality.  

One thing I was not too taken with was the binding.  Simple staples hold the books together and that means that the pages don’t stay open on their own.  Still, as an overall gift, I was more than happy.

I decided to use one of the books as a recipe book for tried and tested favourites in my family.  As I lovingly chose the recipes and began to copy them into the notebook, I found myself relishing the task and becoming more and more creative with it.  The pen glides over the paper and the lack of lines means you can let your imagination run wild as you create. 

The recipe book awaits it’s next entry and the other notebook in the set is waiting in a place of honour, for a fitting task.

Overall, these books grew on me as I began to use them, and I love the lightweight and small aspects, which make them easy to travel with.  For the serious note-taker in school or university, this book is not for you, but for the creative, wanting to pen ideas or thoughts, poetry or keepsakes, these books are just lovely.

A deserved 4 out of 5 Grammar Goblin Gems from me!

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