Slime the love hate relationship

I wasn’t thinking.  I dived right in.  It was out of love and I just wanted to make them happy.  I didn’t think of the repercussions and now I have to live with it…. that’s right.  I gave my daughters SLIME!

When you see it on the shelf, it looks so innocent, sitting in it’s shiny, transparent bottle.  Funky colours and exciting packaging…. So you buy it.  You imagine the joy it will bring.  Hours of fun and laughter for all.  All the way home you giggle with excitement and happily thrust it into the arms of your unsuspecting, innocent little children.

Oh, Slime!!   How I love and hate you!  You are fun!  You are everything you promise and more.  How we love to play with you, squeeze you, stretch you, roll and blow you into bubbles.  How we adore your colours, the glitter, the funny names you have (‘Dinosaur snot?!’  Amazing!!) and you come in jars that we can store you in when we are done!

But there is another side to Slime play…. One that doesn’t get spoken about.  One that is even, perhaps, sinister… 




That’s right!  It grows.  It spreads.  It multiplies and starts taking over your home.  Just small bits at first, like the cuff of the sleeve.  Then it travels up the arm, which gets wiped on the couch.  It gets under shoes, onto the dog’s back, sticks to the tiles and then takes it’s first casualty.  For us it was the little dolly with curly blonde hair.  She tried to fight back, I tried to save her, but there was nothing I could do.  Her entire head was covered and there was no coming back.  No amount of tap water, wet wipe, dry wipe or anything else I could think of at the time could save her.  She had to be laid to rest in the place where dollies go to (maybe) be fixed one day.

Once I had eventually managed to put my girls in the bath, I contemplated what I could have done differently.  How I could fix the situation now.  Now that my daughters had experienced Slime, there was no going back.  So I did what any good writer does…. I researched!  And that, ladies and gentle Slime users, is how I have come to give you…..

5 WAYS TO GET RID OF SLIME!  May it help you as much as it has helped me!

  1. For Slime that’s on your clothes, use vinegar or rubbing alcohol.  Pour a lot onto the affected area and leave for about 5 minutes.  Use a scrubbing brush to loosen up the Slime while the vinegar or alcohol dissolves it.  Rinse the clothes in warm water and then use dishwashing soap to remove any residual Slime.  Then put the clothes in the wash as you would normally.
  2. For Slime that has already hardened, use an ice-block on it first.  This will help you pick it off the items.
  3. For Slime that has taken over hair:  Put goggles on the child!  First pick out as much as you can then use warm water and vinegar.  Rinse and repeat until the Slime has gone.  Be aware this may take a few tries.
  4. For Slime on the couch:  Put rubbing alcohol on the stain using a spoon.  Use the same spoon to scrape off the Slime.  Dab a paper towel on the area.  Repeat these steps until the area is clean.
  5. For walls:  (Yes, walls!!)  Use a paper towel to take the initial goop off the area.  If it’s dry, use a spoon or butter knife.  Make a paste using baking soda, vinegar and water.  Wear rubber gloves and apply the thick paste to the top of the stain.  Leave it for 2 hours to dry.  Once dry, brush the solution off with a paper towel.

And there you have it!  A solution to the Slime epidemic that is (quite literally) taking over our homes!  May your children, your furniture and your dollies be safe and clean!  Come to think of it, maybe it’s time to apply my new-found Slime-removal wisdom and revive the little dolly in the drawer!

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