The Grammar Goblin’s writing tip for the month:

Writing takes practice and we need to use all the opportunities we can find to keep going with our craft.

Writing letters is a great way to exercise your skills and adaptability to different audiences. Write to different people of different ages, religions and backgrounds. (Research letter writing programmes available online)

Writing by hand also activates a different part of your creativity and allows your imagination and inspiration to flow. If you are in quarantine or lockdown, keep writing anyway and you will have a pile of beautiful, thoughtful correspondence to gift your loved ones.

Writing letters doesn’t have to be limited to words! Let your artistic side shine as you have fun decorating your letters. You can add quotes, buttons, drawings, washi tape or some of that stash of scrapbooking goodies you have.

The point is to write!!! From the heart and to make someone’s day, so have fun and start up the old school art of letter-writing.

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