The Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Content Creator

Yes, I know.  Nobody knows your business like you do.  The ins and outs, the passion that drives you to produce and sell the best products and deliver the best possible service to your loyal customers.  But that’s just it.  You know your job and your role is all-important. That is why you need to let a content creator do the role of content creation for you… Here are the top 5 reasons to hire a content creator:

  1. We are good at writing

Not to blow my own horn, but I’m good at writing.  It’s what I do.  It’s what makes my heart flutter and it’s what will help take your business to the next level.  Content that is created just for you takes good writing skills and good content creators have that in abundance.

  • We are creative

Because your job is to focus on your business and all it’s many aspects, it makes sense that you should hire someone to focus on content creation, to keep the creative juices flowing.  We have shares in the ‘creativity pool’ and so are literally paid to come up with fun and creative ways to make your content fresh, lively, and informative.

  • We submit content on time

Business owners who write their own content, blog posts, articles and more, tend to get bogged down by their other work and allow the content creation to take the back seat to more pressing matters.  This also goes for employees whose main job is something other than content creation.  By hiring a dedicated content creator, you will be able to relax, knowing that the articles, blog posts and all written content will be submitted regularly, allowing your business to run smoothly and with maximum interaction on your public forums.

  • We write to match your business, with the tone you would use

As content creators, we write as if we were you.  It is part of our job to assess your business identity, brand, and personality, as well as target market, to create content tailor-made for you.  It will be as if you did the writing yourself.

  • Search Engine Optimization

Content creators know how to write in such a way that you will be found.  We have a sneaky way of inserting your important key words into your content, allowing their search rating to sky-rocket!  Want proof?  How many times did you see the word CONTENT in this article? 5 times?  7 times?  Try a whopping NINETEEN times!!  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why you need us!  Give us a shout and let us write your content for you!  We will ensure that  your business gets the views, the support and the clicks it needs, to thrive today and going forward.

Contact us today to get a dedicated content creator!

(oh, and now we used the word 21 times!)

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