To Vlog or not to vlog…

We all have them… dreams of fame and fortune.. and with the explosion of YouTube and the like, the dream has become a little easier to reach.  But choosing an avenue to follow, or vehicle to use can be a daunting task, and being sure that what you spend your time, energy and resources on, actually makes you an income can be tricky, to say the least.  My initial idea of YouTube stardom was to vlog.  I follow certain vlogs religiously, and love them, so I figured that would be the easy and sensible way to go.  However, as I started looking at the practical things I would need to do and take into consideration, it started becoming clear that it is not an easy job… at all.  And so that’s why I have decided to put together  a list of pros and cons to vlogging.  I hope it’s as helpful to you as it is for me, as we try to navigate our way to internet fame… and, hopefully, a little fortune!

Pros of Vlogging:

  1. You can do it on the go.   There’s no need for specific filming hours, so your vlogging work can fit easily into your daily life.
  2. You don’t need perfect footage.  Being a ‘real life’ form of media, a few shakes and glitches won’t be the end of the world.  In fact, they may add to the fun and authentic feel of the videos. 
  3. You can be yourself.  You won’t need to come up with a brilliant character or take any acting classes.  Being yourself is easy and you can show off your best, funniest and even worst sides to your adoring fans.
  4. You will be inspired to have adventures.  You will need to keep your vlogs fun, so will be forced to get out the house and have adventures!  Small budget?  No worries!  Your vlog that day can be about having an adventure on a tight budget!
  5. You may be approached to be a brand ambassador.  Free stuff?  I’m in!  Just be sure that what you promote on your vlog is true to your personality and vibe, or tone of the vlog, and will connect with your target or existing fan base.

Cons of Vlogging:

  1. You will need to do hours of editing.  Although vlogging can be done at any time, you will need to edit your clips, add thumbnails and descriptions and make the videos good to watch.  All this will need to be done regularly, in order to release your vlogs on time, every time.
  2. You do need good equipment:  cameras, hardware and software, which all come at a cost.
  3. Being yourself means opening yourself up to criticism.  Whether you are the only one featured in your vlogs, or if they include your friends or family too, be aware that people will judge you, no matter what.  Having a character is a little easier than being your real self, because when the greater public (who can be really hurtful at times) start attacking, at least they aren’t attacking the real you.
  4. You will need to keep your vlogs interesting and fun, and so will have to keep spending time and money on having adventures.  Your fans may be happy to watch home days from time to time, but if you want to keep your vlogs happening, you will need to keep visiting interesting places, doing fun things and showing your viewers things they will not see elsewhere.  This, although fun, can also be draining on a wallet, and your energy levels.
  5. Being a brand ambassador can be a great opportunity,  but fans may be irritated by constant pushing or advertising in your vlogs.  Use this tool with care.

What do you think?  Do the pros or cons win?  To vlog, or not to vlog?  I’m reaching for my camera as I type…

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