Watch that Speed

If you are a writer, or have ever been tasked with writing a piece or two, you will know this feeling… Sometimes the inspiration and words flow, and sometimes they just don’t.

Well, did you know that through both kinds of inspiration levels and everything in between, the answer is the same?

Slow and steady wins the race.

Yup! Even when you’re done in record time. And yes, even when you feel like you will never get done.

The thing about going slowly and steadily is that it gives you a chance to breathe, think, correct yourself and to read your own writing through different eyes over a few work sessions. If you have written a piece really quickly, chances are high that you overlooked certain aspects of the topic, or made little grammatical or other errors. If you are struggling to get it done, plodding methodically on gives you the opportunity to keep going, even if it’s in small increments. Over a few writing sessions, the ideas will come a little more easily and as you make a little progress, your confidence will grow as you see your work taking shape.

So, inch along, at a snail’s pace, if you must, and watch your writing masterpiece unfold before your eyes!

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