We, at the Grammar Goblin, are passionate about writing.  Writing encompasses all we are good at and strive for and this includes elements of writing, like reading, spelling, grammar, tone, speaking and so much more.  That is why we offer not only impeccable writing services, but also top-notch editing and proof reading services too.

Our team consists of dedicated, educated and inspired individuals who are creative and pedantic about our work.  We strive to offer the best possible service to every single client, every single time, and in so doing, add a little magic to every single piece that we work on.

Founded in 2017 as a passion project by Kelly Naude, the Grammar Goblin grew quickly from an editing job here and there, to large scale editing work, content creation, SEO friendly work, CV and cover letter creation and writing pieces.  The team has helped several students with university and school assignments and we take pride in watching our clients reach their full potential and soar to great heights with our careful and specialised help.

At the Grammar Goblin energy levels are high, passion runs free and dedication to our clients and their unique work forms our roots.  We truly believe that with a little touch of Goblin magic, anything is possible and we strive to make it so.

About Our Founder

Our Head-Goblin and founder, Kelly, grew up surrounded by the magic of the written word.  Both her parents were journalists and were avid readers.  With her own personal bookshelf as one of her favourite possessions, Kelly’s love of language, literature and the adventures within books grew strong.  She wrote her first children’s book at the age of about 7 and continued to write in various styles and tones throughout her school career, as she wrote for her school newsletter and created her own magazine to be sold at events.  In primary school, she created a nature conservation club and published quarterly newsletters to paying members.  This club continued into her high school days and featured articles, poetry, advertisements and artwork.  She has written vast amounts of poetry and a few books for her own enjoyment.

Kelly has been a teacher since 2003 and has taught pre-school, foundation phase, Senior phase, FET and high school-aged special needs learners.  She has an honours degree in Deaf Education and a TEFL qualification.  These qualifications have allowed her to gain exposure to and experience in teaching language and using language in different ways…  One of her passions.

After the birth of her daughters in 2017, Kelly decided to share some of her inspiration, love and zest for life in the form of a writing and editing business.  And so, the Grammar Goblin was born.  It was an immediate success, as people caught on to her unique and sometimes quirky styles of writing and take on life. 

As the business has grown, so has what we, at the Grammar Goblin offer.  As our founder, Kelly fearlessly and effortlessly leads us through new terrain and into new adventures as we learn new skills and master new techniques in order to offer our clients the very best, current services.

Kelly sees the world through a magical and exciting lens, and this is what we give to you.  Let us add a little magic to your project, your business and your life and your world will seem a little brighter too.

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