Why we Write

One of the services we offer here at Grammar Goblin is writing. But why?

Well, we know that not everyone is good at it, and not everyone enjoys it.

I feel so extremely blessed and lucky to love writing and be able to do it pretty well. I find it relatively easy to learn new techniques and skills in the writing field and honestly enjoy having the opportunity to stretch myself in my discipline.

Obviously, there are different types of writing, and, with my line of work, I don’t get to use ALL of them, but for the pieces I get to do, I am always so thankful.

When I write, my fingers move in time with my thoughts. My heart soars, as the words flow in harmony with the tapping keyboard. There are no barriers, no obstructions and nothing holding me back.

I love writing. For myself, for my own audience, and also for my clients and your audiences. When I write for you, I get to step into your world, your head, your thoughts, and write with your voice. I get the opportunity to help you connect with your audience in a way you may have found difficult. And I get to see you succeed in yet another way.

I love writing and I am just so thankful that I get to do it as a major part of my job!

For your writing needs, give me a shout today and I’ll get these fingers tapping for you.


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