You need a translator and this is why

On 14 May 2021, we launched our new service: TRANSLATION. We are super excited for this, and it may surprise you why.

Would you believe that both Sibongile, our amazing translator, and I both come from a background in Deaf Education and working with Deaf people?? How cool is that?

They say you should do what you love and you will attract your tribe. Well, we are living proof of that!

Having worked with people who are often misunderstood and misrepresented, I have realized just how important translation is.

By providing materials that have been translated into someone’s mother tongue, you essentially do 2 things:

  1. You provide access to your materials on a level that matches the level of understanding and intelligence of your reader. That makes it possible for the reader to respond in a way that shows their comprehension.

Imagine having to read and provide feedback on something important, but you have to do it in a language you are not really comfortable with. That is what we are expecting from people all over South Africa.

  1. You show your reader that you have a deep respect for their mother tongue, their culture, their heritage and them as an individual.

Now is the time to celebrate our diversity and unique cultures. Use this opportunity to provide access to your written materials into 4 of our beautiful national languages.

(and, by the way, Sibongile and I can also provide video interpreting into South African Sign Language for you!)

Visit to see more of what we do, or drop us a message or email at to book our superior translation or interpreting services.

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